Thank you, nature

Millions of years in the making. It’s been a long process. It takes time. It’s worth it.

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The process

Like a rock

For us, this is where the story starts.


Nature has taken it this far

Your pristine worktop looks just like this before we get to work on it. It’s a tough mantle to carry, taking something so naturally beautiful and improving it, but that’s what we do. This is how we do it...

Out of granite

We take the sourcing of our granite very seriously.


No stone unturned

Our team of dedicated granite connoisseurs seek consistency, scrutinise for impurities, scour for stress fractures and always wet the surface of the granite at the quarry.

All of our suppliers match the high standards we set, including our commitment to social and ethical practices.

The first cut

A diamond wire cutter will cut the granite into smaller blocks, saying goodbye to any irregularities.


Precision by design

The cutting process can take between one day and one week, depending on the hardness of the stone and the size of the block. It takes as long as it takes - we don’t ever rush it.

A richer beauty

The granite is now ready to get its glad rags on - it’s polishing time.



It starts with a series of industrial scale polishing heads, with various levels of coarse abrasiveness before moving on to a finer grit abrasive, bringing the beauty of the granite to the surface.

Hit the road

Our granite comes from quarries all over the world. This stage of the supply chain requires great care; whatever the route or mode of transport involved. The cargo is precious.


Setting the standard

Say hello to the team. A determined bunch. Nothing gets past them. Each piece of granite the team inspect and approve is all important.

They’ve got a big family. At PWS, we set our own internal standards, which are more strenuous than current European quality standards. If it doesn’t stand up to our detailed inspections, it will be rejected.


They’re like a team of Sherlocks searching for imperfections. If there are any, they’ll find them.


Like the cut of your jib

Our cutters are responsible for the most advanced saw line in the industry. Their machines then cut a worktop to a tolerance of plus or minus 1mm. Precision really does matter.


Perfectly polished

Our small band of polishing impresarios still hark back to the days of elbow grease but the way they conduct their machines is no less impressive. Each of our polishers has six edge polishing positions that deliver flawless results, each and every time - even on the most intricate jobs.

What a finish!

Absolutely nothing leaves the factory until it has passed the uncompromising eyes of our finishers. Our very own gatekeepers. With great power comes great responsibility and our hand finishers will check over every piece and every element of the worktop, giving it the final, individual finish that each granite worktop deserves.

We only wet polish which provides a far greater, deeper shine than dry polishing.


Inspect yourself

We set the highest internal quality standards at each stage of the production process and the final inspection team are kept on their toes checking dimensional accuracy, joint matching, straightness, twisting, bowing and grain direction. They always rise to the challenge.


Stellar installation

Worktops of such quality and style deserve to be installed by the very best installation team. Our installation standards and the quality manual that accompany the process ensures that your granite worktops are installed to perfection.


It makes sense to get your worktop installed by the experts.

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Now you know how we do it and the care and attention that goes into the work we do, check out our wide range of quality granite worktops.

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