Our Aim,
Our Promise.

Our aim is to consistently deliver the best bespoke worktops and service in the UK. Every day. In 2008, we opened for business. In 2015, we produced our 100,000th worktop. It’s all down to the hard work of our dedicated team.

We offer a choice of service options, a full national template and install service or supply only; which consists of either supply to the customer’s drawing or template.

So what goes into making the best worktops in the UK? We thought you'd never ask! We're so proud of our process we've made a movie about it.


They might be the first people you encounter at PWS, especially if you don’t use our online estimator. They’re a really friendly team that like giving out competitive quotes.

  • Cindy
  • Jan
  • Lois

For requests received by 2 pm, the team will get back to you on the same day. After 2 pm they’ll be in touch by 10.30 the next morning.


We couldn’t have sold over 100,000 worktops without them. Dedicated to say the least. It is easier when you have a great product to sell.

  • Charlotte
  • Dan
  • Louise
  • Martin
  • Rebecca
  • Sam
  • Tracey

The team are on hand to offer their expert product knowledge, ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for, every time. They like to talk. They are here for you.


Where would we be without this team?

  • Lesley
  • Mike

Their expertise helps us to schedule jobs nationwide, while delivering a local and highly personable service. You want to order a worktop from John O’Groats to be delivered and installed in Land’s End? They’ve got it covered.

CAD & CAM Team

Skilled. Experts. Champions. You can call our CAD & CAM team, any of them.

  • Bart
  • Bill
  • John
  • John Paul
  • Michelle
  • Paul
  • Shaun
  • Steve
  • Steve
  • Tori
  • Trevor

But what do they do? These guys are industry leaders in the art of design - providing accurate CAD drawings from either a customer’s sketch, physical template or, as part of our full template and install service. The CAM team, help bring the design team’s magic to life. What a combination.


Quality and customer service are what sets us apart. Our dedicated team of inspectors run every single slab through their paces. It’s like a very strict medical! The standards we set are more strenuous than current European quality standards. Any flaws are identified and rejected.

  • Brad
  • Jeff
  • Richard
  • Rob

Nothing gets past this lot!


We use industry-leading technology to ensure we stay ahead of the competition, and we have an industry-leading team to manage this technology. It’s pointless having one without the other.

  • Nigel

The final product is always perfect.


Great care and attention are paid to each and every piece of wood that passes through their hands. Every timber worktop really is unique and matures with age, rather like the team!

  • John
  • Malcolm
  • Nigel
  • Tony

They love wood, and it shows.


They control the most advanced automatic saw line on the market. Did we already mention our automatic saw can cut material to a tolerance of plus or minus 1mm?

  • Jonny

It’s impressive, fast and precise.


Meet the trusted and reliable team of polishers who help make your worktop even more beautiful.

  • Paul

Every one of our polishers has six edge polishing positions, delivering flawless results, even on the most intricate jobs, time and time again.


It’s a serious job, and each worktop and upstand are cut from the same piece of material for a perfect colour match. They’re a bit like matchmakers and have introduced over 100,000 worktops to their perfect upstand partners.

  • John
  • Peter

Please be upstanding for our upstanders.


These guys really are rock solid. They deliver time and time again.

  • Andy
  • Andy
  • George
  • James

They are a bunch of skilled craftsmen who are masters in the art of controlling multiple sanding discs. Their sanding technique varies depending on the colour of the solid surface worktop to ensure the best finish possible.


It is all about precision and accurate assembly, and this is the team that make this happen.

  • Shane

We’d be lost without them. They are the masters of the machine.


The dream team. Do they take all the credit for everything looking so great? Of course, they do.

  • Bart
  • Joe
  • Kristoff
  • Leszak
  • Luke
  • Sebastian
  • Stuart
  • Wayne

After the long journey each worktop has been on, it needs a human touch to make sure everything is perfect. This is what these guys are responsible for, and there is no compromise.


Last but not least. A flawless process of passing worktops from one deft team to the next has helped us deliver outstanding results.

  • James

Our dedicated team of dispatchers ship jobs to our hubs around the country every night. It’s now time for our team of expert installers. Well done, team!

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